About Me

So Called Book “Nerd”

I’m 26 years old but I feel 23, I have two kids under the age of 6, and I love young adult novels. I have 4 good girl friends then about 10 people I associate with as my group of friends. Then there’s my boyfriend. Three (including myself) of my friends read books yet I read the most, I’m the only bibliophile out of the group, which means I’m the only one that gets ragged on for being a “nerd”.

I’m African American but my group of friends are very diverse and I love it that way but my friends listen to a lot of rap music. I love all kinds of music. Lana Del Rey is my favorite artist which makes me another outcast because they don’t like her sound. It sounds like I have sucky friends but I love them and I know they love me.


My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I read so much. He thinks it’s ok to read but says “what’s the point in reading if you don’t learn anything? You need to pick a textbook and read nothing but that. Forget fiction books they’re a waste of time”. Once we watched Mockingjay part 2 together and he kept saying he didn’t understand what’s happening. I tried to tell him but he told me “It’s ok I don’t know to know what happened in the book”. I told him at least I understand it. He went on to telling me there’s nothing to learn from books and I countered it by saying all books have life lessons regardless of the genre. I went on to ask him how is it ok for him to watch the movie but because I read the book that makes me the lesser? He was speechless.


I guess what I’m trying to say is just because people don’t get it and try to bring you down doesn’t make you the nerd that makes you the smartest one in the room. You understand that they are the weak ones because they settle for the lesser version, like a movie, while you strive for more. I don’t know when society got everyone’s head screw on backwards but we are not the inferior here. Just never let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m rambling or maybe I’m just giving myself a pep talk but I just wanted to put out there that it is ok to be a book “nerd”😊.



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