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Halloween Costume Tag

Halloween is about one of the most fun holidays there is. Coming from the ‘All hallows eve’ to now dressing up and passing around treats, Halloween is really a party rather than a holiday. The most important and number one rule to this holiday to find the perfect costume at all cost, plans and treats come last. Mostly peoplepick something they like or a character they most relate to. As avid readers we know first hand what it’s like to relate to the characters we read about everyday, which is why I decide to make up my own tag- Halloween Costume Tag. I’ve picked a few characters from some of my favorite books that I would love to dress up as. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you would like to be in the comments.



Feyre is the main character in A Court of Thorns and Roses series. She plays a female role that is weak but at the same time very strong (for those who have read ACOMAF you know what I mean). I love seeing her on the front of both of the covers, from the tattoo to her outfits she gets to wear from different courts. I would love to portray her in costume and if I’m being honest I wouldn’t even know which one I would wear. I guess anywhere from the sultry outfit from the Court of Nightmares and the stary gown from Starfall.


Winter isn’t the main character in this series but she plays a very big role when it comes to the self titled book. She’s a princess on Luna, the moon. Being Lunar she has to ability to influence a persons mind but she chooses not to, which has made her a bit touch upstairs, if you get what I mean. I admire Marissa Meyer for adding all these fairytale characters into a futuristic day retelling but I really do appreciate the fact that Winter’s character (Snow White) is color. I’m African American and there is very little diversity in the Young Adult genre. I love YA and to come across authors who have no problem putting a diverse group of main characters into their books makes me so happy and appreciative. Dressing up and acting as Winter would be so much fun.


Shahrzad. Do I need to say more. Being that the setting is in Khorasan, which is a historical reigon in the Middle East (northeast of Persia) the women are beautiful there. Not to say that women aren’t beautiful everywhere but when I imagine Shazi I think she’s beautifully tanned with pretty almond eyes and beyond the physical appearance, the clothing worn in that area is amazing. The clothing described in the book is so pretty and the pictures on the inside of each book surely shows that. Dressing as Shazi, I would feel so beautiful and hopefully feel as confident as she is.


Being a teenager is fun enough but being the daughter of the Evil Queen has to have it’s perks. Evie is spunky and happy and the biggest fashionista if there ever was one in the  fairytale world. She puts on a big front to show off for her friends and any available princes but she’s very smart and will make anyone’s frown turn upside down. In high school I love fashion and trying out different looks, so I think dressing as Evie would be super fun and exciting.


Lady Midnight is one of the best books Cassandra Clare has written and there isn’t one character in there that you can’t relate to. From the moment I read the first page I fell instantly in love with Christina Mendoza Rosales. She is basically the kindness badass you will ever read about. I think I relate to her most because she is so nice and understanding but when it comes to the ones she loves she is relentless and cut throat. Dressing up as a shadowhunter would be amaz-balls!!! Plus it would make me feel like a total badass myself.

Halloween doesn’t have to be childish or a child’s holiday, we as young and grown adults can take in the fun as well. Being older makes it just that much more fun. No silly cartoon characters or cuddly animals, if you really think about it being older you know what you like and you have a more broaden mind as to what you would love be. Dressing up won’t be easy for me but at least I have a list of kickass heroines to pick from. Hope you find something perfect for you and Happy Halloween!!!


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