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Shelf Love

How many times do you change your bookshelves???

  I honestly have this problem just about once a month. Keeping my shelves neat is a must but keeping them the same for long periods of time is not. I’ve recently acquired lots of books in the past couple of weeks and I’m expecting much more before the month is out. Today I received five books that I had no clue were coming all at once and I had to make some room on my shelves. I then realized that I have no more room and am in desperate need of another bookcase. It is so packed I can’t even face out my books or stack books inbetween anymore. So anymore books that come from now on will just have to be stacked in miscellaneous places.


    Usually I sort my shelves in color, size, and sometimes series (depending on the color) but I’m ready to switch it up. Just this year I decided to make the switch from paperback to hardcover, so every book that I have in paperback I went and got hardcover copies of them and every book I get from now on is in hardcover format unless the book only comes in paperback. I love the order my books are in but I’m up for suggestions on how to make it better. How do you sort your book???


Where do you buy your shelves? Where do you store your books if you don’t have book cases?


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