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Coachella Bookish-Playlist

image1Flower crowns and Ferris wheels are just some of the things that comes to mind when the pop culture phenomenon that is Coachella is mentioned. The music festival has become not just a place to find a new indie bands on the circuit but a place for people to walk amongst celebrities, sashay down the runway that is bohemian, and get amped to be at the party that sets the summer in motion. Normally festival and books don’t go in the same category but this year that changes…well at least for me!  I’ve never read a book where the characters go to a concert or a festival but I have been racking my brain over which characters from books I love that, would love going to a festival such as Coachella. I ended up coming up with a very compelling list and I wanted to share them with you. So here it is, groups I would want to see go to the famed musical festival.



By Your Side by Kasie West

Autumn is a sweetheart and she would probably have a panic attack around all the people and loud music but I think as long as she’s got her friends I think she would end up being just fine. Dax would do just about anything to make sure she was ok. Dallin and Jeff would goof off the whole time, checking out girls, and playing pranks would most likely be their MO. Lisa and Avi would eat and talk about how cute Autumn and Dax were. Plus Avi would have to go clear for Jeff.



Did I Mention I Love You by Estelle Maskame

So these aren’t really the type of friends I would want to spend camping with for a whole weekend but they all seem to mesh well enough to party together not to mention they’re from Cali so they would fit right in. With step siblings that seem to have the hots for each other, space is an inevitable taboo for Eden and Tyler when it comes to the complications of trying to make new friends and your stepbrother/crush’s girlfriend who won’t go away. Coachella has a very strict no drug policy so it safe to say Tyler and his buddies won’t be getting reamed by Eden for their heathen ways. Depending on whether Eden and Tyler are together or not determines whether Tiffani, Tyler’s ex, would be hanging around. Jake would secretly trying to hit on Tiff and Dean would probably be the only one there appreciating the music. Rachel would be nice and make sure that everyone was ok, so they might not be the worst group to go with but it would be a colorful bunch of peeps to party with.


99 Days by Katie Cotugno

I honestly don’t even know why I decided to buy this book or read it but I actually really enjoyed it. This group of friends were torn apart by a scandal that broke up and boyfriend and girlfriend, two best friends, and brothers but for one summer they tried to get along and I like to think that they could make it through a weekend at a festival together. Molly is trying to redeem herself after cheating on her boyfriend (Patrick) with his brother (Gabe), after a year of being away she comes back  and somehow ends up dating Gabe since Patrick has moved on to the new girl in town, plus the boy’s sister Julia would have a lot to say about the matter. While I’m pretty sure jealousy would prove to over rule the festivities I still think this group would have a great time soaking up the sun and having fun in a festival atmosphere, even if that means making some mischief in the bushes.



Summer of Sloane by Erin L. Schneider

I love this book and even more I love this group of friends. Sloane is off to Hawaii with her twin brother for summer vacation and it’s just in time because her boyfriend just got her bestie pregnant. Seeing how (obviously) the drama always tends to follow, I honestly think a music festival would be just what this group needs. Mia, Shep, Penn, Ashley, and Luca would have the best time since they are so use to kicking it at their own bonfires every other week but the best times aren’t just with friends but the people who grow a little closer like Sloane moving on with her new boy toy Finn. Camping out at night, snacking on venders, and making their own fun these friends couldn’t have more fun with anyone else.


Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matsonimage6

The ultimate pow wow for a grand festival weekend and at the top of my list is not even a group, it’s Emily and Sloane. These two don’t need a group to feel out the surrounding and have a good time but that doesn’t mean that the posse won’t follow them. Dawn and Collin would be the two cuddled in the corner making out while Frank would try out his wild side just to impress Emily before Sloane comes and takes her bestie away to dance until dawn. Getting the party started is not a problem for these two as long as no one starts talking about dares.


I have had such a good time figuring out which books and characters would work great with my idea of a great weekend in Indio, California for the Coachella Music Festival. It actually took me a week to figure out what I’m going to do or say but I figured it out nevertheless. Music brings people together and if I’m thinking about my favorite characters then that applies to them as well. Who would you want to read about taking a trip to a music festival for a weekend? What do you think they would do? What kind of drama would unfold? Let me know in the comments…until next time ;-P


2 thoughts on “Coachella Bookish-Playlist

  1. This is such a cool idea! I can really picture the cast from Summer of Sloane going to a music festival. I think Eden and the rest of the crew would also fit in very well ☺


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