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Update: June 14, 2017

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, I’ve had the worst couple of months in the creative department plus I’ve really been focusing on my relationships with my followers and my reads from different authors I’ve been working with. So to get back on track I just wanted to touch base and say I’m still here to mingle!


bookhauljuneTo Be Read and Book Slumps

So like I once said, May is the month for winners and it has surely been that. If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know I’ve been praying, slumming it, and wildly waiting on for the month of May to arrive. All the heavy hitters of the year have pretty much dropped within just weeks of each other and I have completely and devotedly been here for it all. Though I am in the biggest book slump I’ve ever been in (Book Slump= unable to read or finish a certain amount of pages/books) I’ve still been able to start A Court of Wings and Ruin and Lord of Shadows. Even thought I’m about half way through both books and my feels are out of CONTROL, I’ve still had to take a step back to just grab my bearings a bit. Hopefully I’ll get my emotions in check soon because I need to finish them before I get myself spoiled.


image1srSummer Loving

Sun, fun, and love are just some of the words I think of when I hear the word summer and when it comes to the sunshine season all I can think about are contemporaries. Most contemporaries are set in summertime so it shouldn’t come to such a surprise when I say it’s the only time of year I indulge in them. Now I know it’s complete genre-ist of me but when the book can provide an even brighter summer than my own and add a little bit of love in there, I have no choice but to hop in the rom-pool. With books like Summer in the Invisible City that literally spell it out for you and the queen of summer contemporaries, Morgan Matson, my summer is bound to be seasonally festive.


myshowsIn with the New Fandoms, Out with the Old Feels?

It is no secret now a days that all of our current beloved shows will be ending soon or have already gone up to that Netflix cloud in the television, but low and behold we have been avenged by the producer gods. Not only are we ambarking on a new tv era but we’re also discovering that our voice and opinion also get a say in the matter. My personal favorite right now is Riverdale. The idea of the comics getting a fresh and updated look was one thing but taking the characters and adding them into this thriller world is absolutely diabolical. As the producers have announced renewal for the second season they’ve also expressed that they are checking in on Twitter and other social media platforms to see exactly what it is viewers want to see. Once Upon a Time is up for it’s own revamping and I mean in the timely sense. A time jump is a lot to take in with missing old characters and swapping some characters with new and a older crew. I think it’s safe to say we have no idea how this will turn out but I still remain a Oncer along as they expand on the fairytales and characters, such Pocahontas or Tiana, or maybe show a little more of Dorothy and Ruby’s adventures. I’m pretty amped when it comes to new shows but I think it’s time to say goodbye to the vampires of Mystic Falls, the werewolves of Beacon Hills, and the Scream Queens of Kappa Kappa, for it is the hour of moving with the times…(at least if you don’t have Netflix or Hulu lol!).


juneplaylistNew June Sunshine Playlist

Being that I live in Seattle you know I barely get any sunlight, so it would only be right if when the sun does finally make it’s appearance I’m ready with my pre-summer jam list. Nothing say summer jam like a dancing beat and catchy lyrics and no summer playlist is legit without Justin Bieber. I don’t know about you but 2U by David Guetta featuring the Biebs just dropped last week and has already hit the radios and has hit the top of the charts already. Fifth Harmony and Little Mix are always bringing the fierce heat along with Lana Del Rey who has been cooking up a bunch of different melodies to bring us out of the depression she has left us in over the years. You know it’s the time of change when I top off the list with a feature from the hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I never saw the first movie but was dragged to the second one and was completely blown away and I think someone out there can agree that the music just sets you off in to the galaxy with it. What songs have you pumped for summer???


instashotInsta Love

One year ago I started my bookstagram page just like everyone else…a few books, some reviews, and a voice that I wanted to be heard. I use to look at all these popular pages and wonder how they did it, how they got so many followers, got publishers to send them books and swag, or the love authors show them for featuring their work. I have to say I may have gotten into it for the wrong reasons but seeing how many friends I have made and helping people get into books, it’s literally turned into something so much more than I intended. I’m totally in love with my followers, lol, from the people who write me daily to the people who just come and visit my page every now and again, they all matter and I wouldn’t be where I am without even one of them. If your starting a bookstagram I just want to say get ready because it’s a wild and crazy fun ride ;-*


What plans do you have this summer? Any books, music, tv shows, or any good movies on the menu? Please let me know…don’t be afraid, even though I consider myself a book dragon I definitely don’t bite lol!!! Check my next update in the couple of weeks, hopefully I get some reviews up until then. Catch you next time –Opal


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