Music is a complete outlet for me. Music expresses emotion and I’m a Pisces, I’m nothing if not emotional. I keep headphone on me at all times and sometimes it’s very difficult for people to speak to me because I’m either listening to music or reading a book, and as book lovers know we hate to be disturbed. I must say I listen to music way more than anything. There’s a song for every situation and every person no matter the age, race, or origin. It brings people together and helps people deal with a break up or aid someone’s advances in love.

When I was 8 years old my mother got me my first cassette tape, Aqua’s album Aquarium, and it changed the world for me. When I heard Aqua’s hit “Barbie Girl” back in 1998, I realized the power of the enjoy that engulfs me when I hear something I love. Ever since then I think of life as one big music video, dancing and singing wherever I go. Here you’ll find my favorite music, genres, and artist. I tell you the wildest weekend party song to the best ball your eyes out ballad. Have fun and enjoy.